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Timetable for Virgin Active   
Monday, 02 March 2015
StartEndClass NameStudioLevelWho
06:4507:30V-CycleV-Cycle Studio Coral
07:4508:00V-Core Fast ClassGym Fitness Team
09:3010:25Body AttackStudio 1 Emma N
09:3010:15V-CycleV-Cycle Studio Becky H
09:3010:25PilatesMind Body Studio Carrie
09:4510:15Grid ActiveThe GRID Alan
10:1510:30V-Core Fast ClassGym Fitness Team
10:3011:15Body PumpStudio 1 Kally
10:3011:30PilatesMind Body Studio Carrie H
11:0011:45Aqua Pool Debra
11:2012:15Body CombatStudio 1 Kaz
17:4518:30Zumba Step Studio 1 Chantell
17:4518:00ZUUGym Fitness Team
18:0018:55PilatesMind Body Studio Jude
18:1519:00V-CycleV-Cycle Studio Marie
18:3019:00Grid StrongThe GRID James S
18:3519:30Body AttackStudio 1 Emma N
19:0519:50NovaMind Body Studio Jude
19:3020:15V-CycleV-Cycle Studio Alex
19:3520:30Body PumpStudio 1 Tash
20:0021:15Dynamic YogaMind Body Studio Charlie
20:1020:55Aqua Pool Debra
20:3020:45V-Core Fast ClassGym Fitness Team
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Tuesday, 03 March 2015
StartEndClass NameStudioLevelWho
06:4507:30Circuit TrainingStudio 1 Marie
07:3007:45V-Core Fast ClassGym Fitness Team
09:1509:45Twenty Four Studio 1 Darren Kent
09:3010:15V-CycleV-Cycle Studio Becky
09:3010:00Grid FitThe GRID Mitch
09:3009:45V-Core Fast ClassGym Fitness Team
09:5010:35BURN 360°Studio 1 Natasha
10:0010:55PilatesMind Body Studio Carrie. H
10:3010:45Circuit TrainingGym Fitness Team
10:4011:35BoxingStudio 1 Kaisa
11:0011:45NovaMind Body Studio Jude
11:3012:15Aqua ZumbaPool Debra
11:4012:25Active StudioStudio 1 Nastasha
12:3013:25ZumbaStudio 1 Roberto
12:3013:45YogaMind Body Studio David C
17:1518:00Boot CampStudio 1 Marie Tur
17:3018:15PilatesMind Body Studio Angie
18:0518:55ZumbaStudio 1 Carrie
18:1519:00V-CycleV-Cycle Studio Karen C
18:1518:45Grid LeanThe GRID Sophie
18:4520:00Dynamic YogaMind Body Studio Helen
18:4519:00ZUUGym Fitness Team
19:0019:55Body CombatStudio 1 Kally
19:1019:55V-CycleV-Cycle Studio Lisa
20:0021:00Body PumpStudio 1 Kally
20:3020:45V-Core Fast ClassGym Fitness Team
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Wednesday, 04 March 2015
StartEndClass NameStudioLevelWho
06:4507:30PilatesMind Body Studio Angie
06:4507:30V-CycleV-Cycle Studio Marie
07:1507:30V-Core Fast ClassGym Fitness Team
09:3009:45ZUUGym Fitness Team
09:3010:25Body CombatStudio 1 Kaz
09:3010:15V-CycleV-Cycle Studio Natasha
09:4510:15Grid StrongThe GRID James S
10:0010:55PilatesMind Body Studio Sue
10:3011:25Body PumpStudio 1 Alan
11:0012:00PilatesMind Body Studio Sue
13:3014:45Hatha YogaMind Body Studio Karen
17:3018:00Twenty Four Studio 1 Sophie/Kirsty
18:0019:00Body PumpStudio 1 Helen
18:0019:15Dynamic YogaMind Body Studio Michel
18:1519:00V-CycleV-Cycle Studio Kaisa
18:3019:00Grid ActiveThe GRID Darren
19:0019:15V-Core Fast ClassGym Fitness Team
19:0519:55V-CycleV-Cycle Studio Karen C
19:0520:05PUNCHStudio 1 Dan
19:1019:50Aqua ZumbaPool Debra
19:1520:00NovaMind Body Studio Kaisa
20:4521:00V-Core Fast ClassGym Fitness Team
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Thursday, 05 March 2015
StartEndClass NameStudioLevelWho
06:4507:00Twenty Four Studio 1 Darren
07:4508:00KettlebellsGym Fitness Team
09:1510:00Aqua ZumbaGym Debra
09:1510:00BoxingStudio 1 Marie Tur
09:3010:45Dynamic YogaMind Body Studio Michel
09:3010:15V-CycleV-Cycle Studio Maria
09:3010:00Grid ActiveThe GRID Tanya
10:0510:55Boot CampStudio 1 Gifton
10:4511:00V-Core Fast ClassGym Fitness Team
10:5011:45PilatesMind Body Studio Becky
11:0011:45Active StudioStudio 1 Karoline
12:0013:00ZumbaStudio 1 Roberto
13:0014:15Hatha YogaMind Body Studio David
17:4518:00V-Core Fast ClassGym Fitness Team
18:0019:00PilatesMind Body Studio Carrie
18:0018:55Body CombatStudio 1 Kaz
18:3019:15V-CycleV-Cycle Studio Jo
18:3019:00Grid FitThe GRID Kirsty
19:0019:45Body ConditioningStudio 1 Coral
19:1520:30Hatha YogaMind Body Studio David
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Friday, 06 March 2015
StartEndClass NameStudioLevelWho
06:4507:30PilatesMind Body Studio Angie
06:4507:30V-CycleV-Cycle Studio Marie
06:4507:30Body PumpStudio 1 Coral
07:1507:30ZUUGym Fitness Team
07:3007:45V-Core Fast ClassGym Fitness Team
09:2009:50Twenty Four Studio 1 Shaun/Karoline
09:4511:00YogaMind Body Studio David C
09:5010:20Grid LeanThe GRID Kally
10:0011:00Body PumpStudio 1 Becky
10:0010:45V-CycleV-Cycle Studio Kaisa
10:4511:00V-Core Fast ClassGym Fitness Team
11:1512:00Aqua Pool Maria
11:3012:30PilatesMind Body Studio Becky
14:0014:45PilatesMind Body Studio Jude
18:0018:30Twenty Four Studio 1 Shaun
18:0018:45V-CycleV-Cycle Studio Kirsty
18:0019:00PilatesMind Body Studio Sheryl
18:3019:00Grid StrongThe GRID James S
19:1520:30Hatha YogaMind Body Studio Carrie-Ann
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Saturday, 07 March 2015
StartEndClass NameStudioLevelWho
08:1509:00V-CycleV-Cycle Studio Maria
08:4509:00V-Core Fast ClassGym Fitness Team
09:0510:25Hatha YogaMind Body Studio Karen
09:1009:55Aqua Pool Angie
09:1510:15V-CycleV-Cycle Studio Kaisa
09:1510:00ZumbaStudio 1 Vicky
09:3010:00Grid FitThe GRID Mitch
10:1511:10Body AttackStudio 1 Spencer
10:3011:45Dynamic YogaMind Body Studio Michel
11:1512:15Body PumpStudio 1 Helen
11:4512:00V-Core Fast ClassGym Fitness Team
12:0013:00PilatesMind Body Studio Carrie
12:3013:30Body CombatStudio 1 Alan
16:4517:00Circuit TrainingGym Fitness Team
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Sunday, 01 March 2015
StartEndClass NameStudioLevelWho
08:3008:45V-Core Fast ClassGym Fitness Team
09:1510:15ZumbaStudio 1 Chantell
09:1509:45Grid ActiveThe GRID Alex
09:3010:30PilatesMind Body Studio Sheryl
10:0011:00V-CycleV-Cycle Studio Lisa
10:2010:50Twenty Four Studio 1 Alex
11:0011:45Boot CampStudio 1 Elaine
11:4512:00ZUUGym Fitness Team
16:0017:00Body PumpStudio 1 Tash
16:0017:15YogaMind Body Studio Catherine
16:4517:00V-Core Fast ClassGym Fitness Team
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